2009 Chateau St. Jean “Robert Young Vineyard” Chardonnay

by artfuldiner on May 21, 2012

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As I know I’ve mentioned on several occasions, I’ve never been an enthusiastic fan of California Chardonnays. For the most part, I find that the great majority suffer from a surfeit of oak, superfluity of alcohol, and countenances so fat, bold & buttery that they overpower any food with which they come in contact.

But there are, thankfully, welcome exceptions. I have, for example, always enjoyed the Chardonnays produced by Chateau St. Jean. Founded in 1973, this winery has long been recognized as a leader in “Vineyard Designated” vintages. And winemaker Margo Van Staaveren uses her 30 years of winemaking experience to infuse her wines with the very best that each individual vineyard has to offer.

The “Robert Young Vineyard,” tucked away in a sheltered cove at the northern end of the AlexanderValley, has enjoyed a long history of producing superior grapes for both Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc. And the 2009 “Robert Young Vineyard” Chardonnay is an elegant example of the extraordinary wines that may be produced from the “Robert Young Clone,” which was specifically selected for this particular location.

This medium-bodied, food-friendly wine exhibits a judicious touch of oak, delightfully creamy texture, bright acidity, and a healthy, extremely well balanced infusion of 14.4% alcohol.  

Normally priced in the $25.00 range, I have seen the 2009 Chateau St. Jean “Robert Young Vineyard” Chardonnay on sale at various retailers for as low as $15.00. If you’re a diehard Chardonnay fan, this extraordinarily delicious, reasonably priced vintage is a bargain you simply can’t afford to pass up.



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