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by artfuldiner on May 26, 2015

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Pasta ChipsOne of the perks of being a food writer/restaurant reviewer is that occasionally you are asked to sample new products. My most recent experience was with Pasta Chips… the new chip on the market.

Pasta Chips are made with all natural ingredients –premium semolina flour and farro – have no cholesterol, and are kosher certified. In addition, Pita Chips are only 120 calories per serving and contain 20% less fat than leading pita chip brands.

All very fine, but it is the taste & texture that set Pasta Chips apart. They come in five flavors inspired by the sauces and tastes of Italy – Marinara, Alfredo, Spicy Tomato Herb, Garlic Olive Oil, and Mediterranean Sea Salt – and are baked in the oven until thin and crispy, which imbues them with a marvelously crunchy and appealing texture.

The Pasta Chips were shared with several of our friends, and also proved to be a big hit at a wine tasting several days ago. And while all the flavors were highly rated, the general consensus seemed to be the following order of preference: Garlic Olive Oil, Mediterranean Sea Salt, Spicy Tomato Herb, Marinara, and Alfredo.

Pasta Chips are now available at Wegmans and other stores and markets.

Bon Appétit!


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