National Red Wine Day

by artfuldiner on August 25, 2017

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Wine - RedOn Monday, August 28, 2017, America will celebrate National Red Wine Day. In conjunction with the celebration, the researchers at polled 2,000 Americans to discover their feelings about everyone favorite bittersweet beverage. The following statistics emerged…

The survey found that 80% of Americans love wine… 12% like it so much that they’ve often finished off an entire bottle by themselves; while 8% say it’s their alcoholic beverage of choice.

One in five Americans love a good cheese pairing… 15% enjoy pairing wine with cheese. Another 12% like to pair wine with their meal – with or without cheese.

America’s top 5 most popular types of wine…

  1. Red (20%
  2. White (18%)
  3. Sparkling (13%)
  4. Rosé (11%)
  5. Dessert (11%)

America’s top 5 favorite wine brands…

  1. Sutter Home (24%)
  2. Yellow Tail (21%)
  3. Gallo (15%)
  4. Blossom Hill (9%)
  5. Beringer (9%)

Americans may love wine… but they’re certainly not very discriminating when it comes to their brand choices. Sutter Home & Yellow Tail? YUK.

To learn more about National Red Wine Day, please visit… Don’t forget to celebrate this coming Monday… And no one says you can’t start a little early – like me.



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