Pomod’oro Pizza & Italian Restaurant, Downingtown, PA – A Review

by artfuldiner on November 22, 2019

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Pomod’oro Pizza & Italian Restaurant

200 Chestnut Street

Downingtown, Pennsylvania

(610) 873-0405


Pomodoro - ExteriorPomod’oro, the younger sibling of Anthony’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant in Malvern, PA, is owned by Croce “Tony” Cataldo, who hails from Carini in the city of Palermo, Sicily. Anthony’s was opened for business in 1993; and it was such a success that Mr. Cataldo and his wife, Claudia, decided to open a second restaurant, Pomod’oro, in Downingtown in 2015.

Like Anthony’s, Pomod’oro is a BYOB majoring in Italian comfort food and sporting princely portions at downright paltry prices. And, also like its elder brother, it has proved to be exceedingly popular. The restaurant does take reservations at lunch but not at dinner. So, forewarned is forearmed. If you’re planning an evening visit, and don’t want to cool your heels waiting for a table, my advice is to come early.

Pomodoro - Cobb SaladThe menu – which ranges from pizza, sandwiches, stromboli, and calzones through entrées and homemade desserts – is very similar to Anthony’s, so there certainly should be no surprises. Among the starters, the Artichoke Casserole baked in butter and garlic and topped with mozzarella cheese has a great deal to recommend it… ditto the Baked Stuffed Mushrooms with crabmeat. But since a house salad and a well-stocked breadbasket are included with your entrée, you might want to save some money. On the other hand, on one occasion, my dining partner and I decided to splurge and share a small Cobb Salad crowned with perfectly grilled chicken (pictured). We found it generous to a fault, definitely worth the additional $8.95, and a giant step above the generic house version.

As you would expect, entrées round up the usual suspects – but all are carefully prepared and sure to satisfy the most voracious of appetites. Take the Spaghetti Bolognese, for example. It is simply… mountainous. Like most other items served up here, a doggie bag will undoubtedly be de rigueur. My portion was so large that it provided me with two ample dinners at home in addition to what I consumed in the restaurant… But we’re not just talking quantity here. The meat sauce is beautifully seasoned and classic in every sense of the word, and the pasta is just the right side of al dente.

Pomodoro - Chicken Piccata 2Other presentations aren’t quite as gargantuan in scope, but it’s still a cinch that no one is going to leave hungry. The restaurant’s signature dishes – Marsala, Piccata, Pomod’oro, Parmigiana, and Cacciatora are all served with either chicken or veal and come with a side of spaghetti. The Chicken Piccata (pictured) is particularly noteworthy. The boneless breast filets are sautéed in a lemon/white wine/caper sauce, garnished with artichoke hearts, and served up with a vegetable medley.

Pomodoro - Lasagna“Baked” entrées include a first-rate Lasagna (pictured), Manicotti, Baked Ziti, Eggplant Parmigiana, and a fabulous Crespelle Ripiene, fresh crepes stuffed with ricotta and spinach and topped with marinara and mozzarella.

Seafood also holds a prominent place on the restaurant’s menu, tempting diners with a plethora of old favorites… Linguini con Vongole, clams in a choice of red or white sauce… Seafood Alfredo, shrimp, scallops and crabmeat in Alfredo sauce over linguine… Seafood Ravioli, lobster stuffed ravioli with crabmeat in a Rosa sauce… Shrimp Scampi, rock & jumbo shrimp in a white wine & garlic sauce over linguine… and Fish of the Day, prepared according to the chef’s whim.

Pomodoro - Cannoli CakeAnother big draw here is that Pomod’oro now makes all its own desserts… and they are worth saving room for. They run the gamut… from traditional denouements such as Rice Pudding, Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Cake, and New York Cheesecake… to Italian favorites like Tiramisu, Limoncello Cake, and Cannoli. And, when it is available, be sure to try their special Cannoli Cake (pictured), which is part creamy cannoli filling, part moist yellow cake, and completely and decadently delicious.

Like its elder sibling in Malvern, Pomod’oro isn’t about to set any new culinary standards. It does, however, given its extraordinarily reasonable price point, serve up an impressive array of Italian comfort cuisine that is guaranteed to soothe the soul as well as the appetite. Throw in pleasant surroundings, snappy service, and the fact that you may tote along a vintage of your own choosing, and you have a dining experience that should not be missed.

 Bon Appétit!


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